CHEW ON THIS: there is now a banana with an edible peel! But how? It’s not as creepy sciencey as you might think.

Here’s the details: It’s called The Mongee (pronounced mon-gay) banana, which in Japanese essentially translates to ‘incredible banana.” It prices out at a steep six dollars each (no thank you there, but I’m sure the price will go down eventually). Manufactured just this past November for the first time by D&T farms, it’s SUPER sugary.

Unlike the bananas you’re used to, which thrive in tropical climates, this banana tree grows at -76 degrees fahrenheit. Then they’re thawed, replanted, and the fruit grows a lettuce like skin. It’s called “Freeze Thaw Awakening.” As a result it has nearly 30 percent more sugar in it than a typical banana.

I’ll try anything once.