Allison Janney is wowing folks with her performance as Tonya Harding’s mother in “I, Tonya.” – and her entrance to present the film itself was one of the favorite – although to some, slightly confusing – moments of the night.

Janney came out with co-star Sebastian Stan to present to the audience a brief trailer for the film. But she came out (looking great, by the way) with a faux bird on her shoulder. After playing to the moment, she looked at the bird and simply said ‘shut up!’ and then giggled endearingly over the moment.

For background, the bird was a reference to a parakeet in the film named “Little Man” that was her co-star.

Minutes after this moment she would win the award for Best Supporting Actress and the bird would be gone, but she would thank Little Man in her acceptance speech.

I’ve always loved Allison Janney’s work, this just makes me love her that much more!