Change is inevitable. Seasons change. Fashions change. Presidents change (sooner than later one would hope). But change is still one of the most difficult concepts for people to accept. Photo sharing app Snapchat, learned this the hard way after updating their layout and functions on Thursday. Apps update all the time, usually for small changes the average user wouldn’t notice. Once every so often, an app will do a major overhaul to keep their look fresh and their users interested. The update usually brings about a number of cool new features, but it can also confuse users which can lead to angry users….which is where we are now. The internet has nearly erupted with angry tweets all aimed at #Snapchat.

Confusion aside, the new update does offer interesting new features. There are new design options for your Bitmoji, which is perfect for nailing your Lizzie McGuire moment. You can now swipe to skip stories, which helps get to the cream of your lineup quicker. There is now a “Discover” column to the right of the home screen, which houses sponsored, celebrity and publisher content. One of the most exciting features is the ability to share select stories of others with friends. This final level of inclusion allows another tier of sharing to be possible, which helps with Snapchat’s latest goal of bringing the social back to social media. Snapchat released a 60 second video which breaks down the update in simple terms:

Someone really smart once said “this too shall pass,” and it totally will. Technology evolves in the blink of an eye, or a snap of a chat in this case, and we have grown to adapt just as quickly. Now let’s continue to do what our generation does best, pick up our phones and take selfies.