If all tv shows were kept in one giant store, I would toss on my trench coat and sunglasses, head behind the velour curtain and shamefully select my Reality TV fantasy. Yes, it’s true, binge-watching hours of reality television is my dirty little secret. But now that you’re in on the secret, let’s divulge shall we?

New reality shows pop up almost daily on a smattering of networks, but it is hard to sift through everyone of them to find the ones that will give you the dramatics that you crave. Some start off fiery but chill to a dull simmer by the end of the first season. Others lose their fan favorite stars, which makes watching just a painful reminder of the better times. But some continue to thrive season after season and being the expert that I am, I found 3 new shows that look REALly promising!

1) Glam Masters Lifetime. February 28 at 10pm

Who knows glam better than Kim Kardashian-West? No one. That’s why it’s only fitting that the icon is the producer of Lifetime’s newest reality competition. Each episode will have 4 beauty vloggers competing to enter the semi-finals, the victor of which will earn the title of “Glam Master.” The judging panel is a dynamic group consisting of vlog superstar Kandee Johnson,  celeb make up artist Mario Dedivanovic, and co-founder of Milk Makeup and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. The last and most glamorous judge is Laverne Cox who will be splitting her time as judge and host. The show will only have a 10-episode season which is the perfect level of commitment for a competition series. Pencil on some excited eyebrows, and take a look at the artsy trailer below:

2) Music City  CMT. March 1 at 10pm

I have always been more into cowboys than country, but this show has lassoed me in. Adam DiVello is responsible for the country creation, which is his first new reality show since The Hills ended back in 2010. The show follows a group of pretty people as they navigate through Nashville’s music scene, while trying to balance romance and friendships. In the trailer we already see that there will be drama with marriages falling apart, choices between careers and romance, and of course a juicy love triangle. Dig in your spurs, this looks like a good one!

3) Hear Me, Love Me, See Me TLC. March 3 at 10pm
Ah yes, The Learning Channel! For the hopeless romantic, the network has found a show that promises a new way to find love. The show follows three different women who are on a quest for love in the modern age. Each single lady, will have three men to choose from at the end of the day. The twist? The women never actually get to see the men! Instead, the women watch footage that the men take while wearing POV cameras during a day designed for courtship. At the end of the day, the women will meet each man, then ultimately see who her winner is. The new concept is definitely romantic, and has the guys relying on more than a wink and a smile to win over the ladies’ hearts. Get the heartstrings ready, and check out the trailer here.

With these new shows in queue, I am looking forward to escaping the harsh reality, and diving into these more exciting ones!