First comes love, then comes marriage…oh, I guess that isn’t always the way these things work out. In the case of John Cena, he may really just be content with the “love” portion. Unfortunately for the wrestling superstar, fiancé Nikki Bella had higher expectations for the relationship and called off their engagement Sunday.

Both WWE Superstars began their relationship back in 2012 and have had their romance play out in front of fans throughout the years. We got to know the duo as a couple on the reality shows Total Divas, and it’s spinoff, Total Bellas, where many relationship highs and lows were on display. Cena even publicly proposed to Bella after her mixed tag-team match at Wrestlemania 33, just one year ago.

Foreshadowing the divisive issues of the relationship can be seen back in 2013 on Total Divas during this exchange:

Bella: “I do want to be a mom, I feel like I’d be missing out.”

Cena: “I’m going to choose my words carefully, I can’t give you that.”

Eek. Well Cena’s apprehensions to marriage and children seem to have only grown over time which is what ultimately caused Bella to call of the engagement. A source told PEOPLE that “[Cena] was making it abundantly clear that he was going into this gritting his teeth the whole way.” The source went on to say “John acted more and more like he was doing her a favor by somehow conceding to go ahead and marry her.”

The breakup comes as a surprise to many fans, as the couple has been seen happily together at many recent events. Less than a month ago, Cena was surprised with his very first prom while promoting his new film, Blockers, on the Ellen Degeneres Show. The host revealed his special prom date to be Bella, and the two shared in all sorts of cheesy, prom bliss.  Looking back now, it’s almost as tragic as the prom scene from Carrie.


All of this is sad news and even sadder when you think that they were only one month away from walking down the aisle. On Instagram, the couple took different approaches to addressing fans, but were both clear to express their appropriate sentiments.

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