Ok, mass outrage might be a bit of stretch…but I am massively outraged.

Mason Ramsey aka “Yodel Boy” just released his first single “Famous.” While the song is adorable and charming…some may even say down right catchy…Ramsey doesn’t yodel a single yodel anywhere in it! Thats right, the famous yodeler doesn’t deliver the yodel goods!

Perhaps I am being too dramatic though, because the song is actually quite good. Fans have even taken to social media to comment on the surprising quality of the song. With some old country vibes, the young singer tugs at the heartstrings as his single expresses his desire to be famous for loving someone special. Even though I miss it, it is a smart career move to release music that does not feature yodeling so that fans can be introduced to the other facets of the singer’s talents.

It will be fun to see what’s next for the young yodeler, but in the mean time check out his single below!