It is a sad day for fashion today as the wildly popular designer, Kate Spade, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment today at 10:20am. The cause of death has been ruled a suicide, after a housekeeper discovered the body hanging by a scarf. Police authorities said the accomplished designer left a note, but the contents of the note will not be revealed. Sources later revealed the note to have contained a heartbreaking message to the designer’s teenaged daughter.

The death of the 55 year old comes as much of a surprise as those closest to her described her as “warm” and “outgoing.” Spade’s rise to success was always considered impressive as she turned a handbag into a billion dollar brand. In the early 90’s she and husband, Andy Spade, began the handbag company which slowly grew into becoming a staple amongst Hollywood’s elite. In 2007, Spade sold the brand to mega, accessory company Coach for $2.4 billion. In the years since then, the designer took the time off to raise her daughter, Frances Beatrix. In 2016 she made her return to fashion by launching a shoe and accessory line called Frances Valentine.

News of the death has sent shockwaves throughout the fashion and entertainment community. An outpouring of tweets have been posted to show sympathy for Spade’s family and friends, as well as to urge others to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline if they are having any suicidal thoughts.

Kate Spade New York released this official statement on Twitter:


The story is sad on many levels, and has many realizing that money, fame and success do not necessarily equate to happiness. Mental health is something that cannot be so easily measured. If you or anyone you know may need that number to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, it is 1-800-273-8255.