If you have been thinking to yourself “Self, there are far too many superhero movies out these days. I sure wish someone would make a film that’s all about the villain,” then Venom might just be the film for you.

The antagonist driven film centers around Eddie Brock and the incident that leads to him becoming the host of an alien parasite. Speaking as someone who has had TWO, yes two, parasites in his life I can assure you this Brock is already off to a heinous start. This parasite does more than just confine you the bathroom however, as it grants it’s host a slew of superhuman abilities. Anyone infected by the Symbiote is granted uncontrollable shapeshifting abilities, super strength, and regeneration. These powers sound like the makings of a great superhero except the alien entity uses the enhanced host to wreak havoc and consume innocent people.

The Marvel Comics produced film will star Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and uses some impressive CGI to give Venom his terrifying, otherworldly appearance. Starring as Hardy’s love interest is the multitalented, Michelle Williams. The film is expected to hit theaters in October and fans are already getting hyped. We have seen anti-heroes like The Punisher and Wolverine get their own films in the past, but this time the focus is on one of the most notorious villains in comic book history. It should make for a compelling watch! Check out the trailer below!