The next branch of the Pearson family tree has sprouted and I am certain it will cast some heartbreaking shade.

Last season on This Is Us, it was revealed that Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) had a younger brother who was killed in Vietnam. So far, we have only seen Nicky Pearson alive in flashbacks as a child wearing some adorable, chunky framed glasses. This season, we will finally get more details on Nicky’s life as it as just been announced that Michael Angarano has been cast in the role. You know Angarano from I’m Dying Up HereSky High and Will & Grace…ugh remember when his character Elliot grew up to be a right-wing conservative in spite of having the most fabulously gay father? I’m still mad about that so Nicky better win me over!

In the final moments of last season we saw Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) heading to Vietnam to learn more about his father’s time there. When discussing season 3, Hartley told EW “He’s going there — it’s a healing thing for him — so he’s going to get a lot of information, some stuff that he didn’t know and didn’t expect.” He then went on to describe the season as “super heartbreaking” and “shocking.” Well duh…it’s This Is Us.

Fans are not the only ones excited about the unveiling of the new character. Angarano tweeted this about the announcement:

The saddest bit of news is that we are still nearly 6 weeks away from the season premiere of This Is Us! Until then, check back for any more updates and stock up on those tissues!