The boat is not the only thing a rockin’ over on The Real Housewives Of New York City. After last night’s turbulent episode where we finally witnessed the “boat ride from hell,” it’s clear that the friendship between Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwell is officially dead in the water.

A week ago, I had the heartbreaking task of informing you that Carole Radziwill announced her departure from the reality series. After 6 seasons as a housewife, Radziwill claims she is shifting focus back to her roots and pursuing journalism and producing as she did before joining the cast. In her official statement, the acclaimed author joked that she is “thrilled to be leaving frenemies behind.” Well, many saw through that thinly veiled shade and knew that the main “frenemy” she was eager to leave behind was one-time bestie, Bethenny Frankel. You know who else saw through that shade? Bethenny Frankel. Last night, Frankel took to Twitter to finally speak her piece.

Apparently of the numerous housewives that have come and gone on this franchise, Frankel is the only one to have quit on her own accord. With this Tweet she implied that Radziwell has been fired and believes it would be “healthier” to be truthful about the whole ordeal. I would consider this the iceberg to the starboard for the friendship that once made all of the other New York ladies jealous. Neither Frankel or Radziwell have commented further about the situation but what could there be left to say?

If you need a moment to lick your wounds, check out Radziwill recounting some of her favorite moments on the show in the clip below!