The hype was certainly worth it! Way back in April I told you guys about a film I was excited to see this summer, and that film was Crazy Rich Asians. From the trailer, the film looked like a fun love story filled with all the good romantic comedy essentials. What fans were most thrilled about, however, was the all-Asian cast of the film which is something we almost never see in Hollywood. For months buzz has been generating about the film and many of us were hoping for a big opening weekend that would show Hollywood that times are a-changing. Well opening weekend has just ended and…the film had the biggest rom-com opening since 2015!!!

Crazy Rich Asians opened with a $34 million weekend beating out sci-fit thriller The Meg and Mark Wahlberg’s Mile 22. The film’s opening numbers have officially surpassed the opening of Think Like A Man, the last record holder. Fans are hoping that these numbers will spark a change in Hollywood’s casting standards.

The film stars the adorable Constance Wu and the sexy Henry Golding and is playing in theaters everwhere now! Go see it!