The Happytime Murders didn’t exactly kill it at the box office this weekend. The highly anticipated, Melissa McCarthy film created quite a buzz boasting a premise based on what happens on Sesame Street after dark. When the trailer dropped back in May, I thought this would definitely be a summer hit. I’m having a sadtime morning here thinking about how wrong I was.

Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson and current chairman of The Jim Henson Company, has been developing this passion project for years. The film followed a puppet detective and his human partner as they tried to solve the mystery of who has been murdering the cast of a popular children’s show. The plot sounded promising enough, but critics are claiming that the film did not focus enough on the story. Instead, the critics feel that the film focused more on obscenity and shock value.

The film had a modest $40 million budget but only opened to a $10 million weekend, making it a flop unless it miraculously gains momentum in the coming weeks. I am remaining hopeful that the film will not be a total flop. I am a McCarthy fan, and while this weekend is her lowest opening on record, I think she can bounce back quickly, if not in this film then her next. Maybe the world just wasn’t ready to see a world where puppets fornicate in law offices.

Did you see The Happytime Murders? What did you think?