It wouldn’t be a housewives reunion without two scoops of drama, and The Real Housewives Of Potomac season 3 reunion is no different! After a season of shady jabs and incognito missions, the princesses of Potomac are sitting down to hash it out once more.

Presenting our first scoop of drama is the newest housewife to the franchise, Candiace Dillard. The newbie had a tough season finding her voice amongst her strong willed predecessors. Dillard made quick enemies with “the green eyed bandit,” Gizelle Bryant, and it seems like their feud is long from over. The two exchange some heated remarks which of course prompts the other “green eyed bandit” to chime in. Robyn Dixon is quick to call Dillard a “real daughter” as opposed to a real housewife. Dillard made it no secret that her mother is sole supporter of her lavish lifestyle, and the ladies have made sure their judgements were heard. Even though Dillard had a few moments of bratty behavior, you have to feel for the new girl who was repeatedly ignored or disregarded by the other ladies. Hopefully she gets her voice to at the next decibel for this reunion.

Our second scoop is a big ol’ scoop and it’s flavor is Grand Dame Karen Huger. Huger is a bit of an anomaly. The other housewives have grown to distrust Huger after the mysterious circumstances around her husband’s tax issues and their subsequent move to a town outside of the city. More speculation surfaced when Huger opted not to wear her wedding ring while in Cannes. Super sleuth Ashley Darby did some digging and accused Huger of not even living with her husband any longer. The plot thickened during the reunion though, as it appears that Huger’s husband, Ray, hired a private detective to get the dirt on Darby’s husband, Michael! All of this Huger hullabaloo climaxes with Huger storming off the set in a burst of tears. Frenemy Bryant tries to comfort Huger by telling Huger she “is one of the strongest ladies I know,” only to have Huger woefully respond with “but I’m tired of being strong.” Is the Grand Dame ready to give up her throne? Heavy is the head that holds the crown!

The Potomac posse has really stepped up there game and are quickly growing to become one of the more popular franchises of the series. You can watch the mayhem unfold on Sunday, August 12th at 8pm EST on Bravo.