2006. The year I found myself in detention after proclaiming I was the “HBIC” of my high school. My only regret was not being clever enough to coin such an unforgettable acronym myself. Instead my inspiration came from the true, reality television pioneer, Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

How can we forget what a thrill it was to tune into Flavor Of Love each week to see which deserving lady rap legend, Flava Flav, would give a clock to a la Bachelor-esque.  New York competed fiercely each week for Flav’s love. So fiercely in fact, she became hated by pretty much every other contestant on the show. Hated or feared, New York made it clear that she was the “Head B***h In Charge (HBIC)” and was certainly going home with the viking helmet adorned, oversized clock wearing, grill smiling prize of a man. In the clock-ceremony heard round the world, Flav ultimately chose “Hoopz” (Nicole Alexander) as the winner of the competition, leaving New York devastated. But don’t cry for her Argentina, New York came back with guns blazing in season 2 of the hit the competition more determined than ever. Sadly she lost that season too. But hold back those tears my dears, New York then went to star in several spin off series and became a star all her own.

Although the OG Queen of Reality Tv has become rather quiet since her tenure on all those VH1 reality shows, New York has been creeping back into the mainstream. Just last year she was featured on an episode of Botched, where she corrected the breast augmentation that some of the Flavor Of Love ladies called angular. She then went to become the “HBIC” of another household and competed on Big Brother UK. All of this is to say that her majesty has kept herself busy. New York has also kept herself away from the man that broke her heart…twice…on national television. Until now!

Like two star crossed lovers, New York and Flav were reunited at a Black Cowboy Whiskey event, hosted by Traci Braxton (star of yet another reality show, Braxton Family Values). New York mentioned that seeing Flav was “like seeing a ghost,” but then posted this adorable picture of the two.


Ugh take me back to a simpler time! How do we get these two back on tv together!? You couldn’t bulldoze me away from the tv during a Flavor Of Love marathon, and I know the newer reality-tv bingers would feel the same!