A few years back I visited Vermont during the dead of winter and then proceeded to road trip up to Montreal. While the blankets of fresh snow and charming holiday shops were delightful I kept pondering one question: WHY DOES ANYONE LIVE HERE? The highest temperature I saw during my trip was -4 degrees Fahrenheit and I am pretty sure I spotted a moose wearing layers. I bring this up to say that I only understand the need for the following coat line if you live in a location where the seasonal high is -4 degrees.

Big time clothing brand Moncler, known mostly for their winter-wear, released images from their latest collaboration…and the collection is definitely for a specific clientele. The coats are featured under the brand’s “Genius Line” and were designed by British designer, Craig Green. Despite their voluminous look, the collection is being described as “surprising light weight.”

No word on the cost for any of the coats in the line just yet. The Moncler 5 Craig Green line is expected to arrive on Moncler’s web store and flag ship locations on August 22nd. So what do you think, would you wear these?!