OMGLEE: Darren Criss And Lea Michele Beautifully Cover ‘Shallow’ From ‘A Star Is Born’

Everything I am about to say might be just a hair biased because I absolutely ADORE Darren Criss and Lea Michele. With that said, I have just heard the single most impressive and wonderful and amazing cover of “Shallow” from the soundtrack of the hit movie A Star Is Born.

Criss and Michele are currently on the road performing on their LMDC tour…which I am still salty about because tickets sold out too quickly for me to grab any. The duo is performing some of their most memorable numbers, covers, and of course their biggest Glee hits. During their opening performance in Las Vegas, Criss took a moment to explain that he is obsessed with A Star Is Born (aren’t we all?!?) and announced that he and Michele would be singing “Shallow” for the first time that night! The pair sang together perfectly as Criss strummed along on his guitar. McKinley High definitely taught these two well because they nailed this cover. Both of their voices are perfectly suited for the song and they each manage to bring a little something different than the original singers, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

I know this last version of the film was the fourth remake but is it too soon to have another one made starring Darren Criss and Lea Michele? I would be first in line to watch! Gleek out along with me and watch the video below!

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