I miss the days when a hologram referred to a Pokémon card.

The late Amy Winehouse is going back out on tour, only this time in hologram form. The British singer met her untimely death back in 2011 at the young age of 27 but left a lasting impression on the world. The hype surrounding the singer has only grown since her death with the release of documentaries, the construction of wax figures and statues and now the announcement of an upcoming tour.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father and founder of The Amy Winehouse Foundation, is spearheading the 3 year tour. The show, expected to debut in 2019, will feature the hologram performing in front of a live band. All proceeds from the tour will go to the foundation, which helps young people who are suffering from substance abuse. Of the tour, Mitch said:

“Fans have been clamoring for something new from Amy, but really there isn’t anything new. We felt this would be a tremendous way for Amy both to revisit her fans through a hologram, and also an incredible way to raise money for our foundation.”

I’m torn on my stance on the tour. I think the idea of putting the proceeds towards such an amazing cause is brilliant and heartwarming. On the other hand, it’s all a bit morbid.

What do you think? Would you snag a ticket to this tour?