There has been a lot of excitement across the pond lately. First the royal wedding of longtime bachelor Prince Harry and America’s new sweetheart, Meghan Markle. Just last weekend there was more buzz when there was yet another royal wedding this time between Princess Eugenie and new husband Jack Brooksbank. Well the latest news reigns supreme…actually it’s 7th in line to reign…but Meghan Markle is pregnant!

After a quick few months of marriage, the royal couple is expecting their first baby. The couple wed back in May and are expecting their first child this upcoming May. Haters were quick to do the math to see if the baby has been brewing since before the wedding but clearly it was not. Now that the world knows about the newest addition to the royal family, people are already speculating on baby names! For us regular folk we might hit up Amazon for a good book of baby names but things are different when you are a royal. Ladbrokes, the online betting site, has listed Victoria as the most likely name to be chosen for a girl with the odds 8 to 1. As for a boy Arthur, Phillip and Albert are all tied in first place with the odds 10 to 1.

Since Markle is an unconventional dutchess people are wondering if the baby’s name will be unconventional as well. According to Ladbrokes, the odds are 50 to 1 that a baby girl would be named Doria after Markle’s mother. I’m not usually a gambling man but I have a feeling the name for this baby is going to be something no one expected.

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