One thing you can say about rapper Post Malone is that he has an easily identifiable look. His face tends to stand out in a crowd because it is covered in tattoos. Along with a sword, a crown of thorns and a Playboy logo the words “Stay Away” are emblazoned above his right eye which coincide perfectly with the scripted words “Always” and “Tired” which are under his right and left eyes respectively. That is a lot of facial real estate dedicated to ink.

Well at the KISS Haunted House Party in London, Rita Ora capitalized on Malone’s signature look and killed it with her uncanny costume.So well done! Notice the commitment to the costume with the (hopefully) faux tattoos crawling up her neck. Just for comparison, let’s see what these two look like side by side.

FRIGHTENING. Well it looks like Halloween weekend is off to a good start. Rita Ora has set the bar for celebrity costumes so we will have to wait and see who could even come close to such a great costume. Brava, Rita!

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