Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day…and now it can be the sourest? Today, Post Consumer Brands officially announced the release of their new Sour Patch Kids cereal. First they’re sour…then they’re giving you that sugar rush you need to make it to lunch.

I have to admit I am a bit of a cereal connoisseur but I am on the fence about this one. There is never less than 4 boxes of cereal in my apartment and I have a wide range of tastes. Give me your chocolatey or your fruity. Your clusters or your crunches. I am not bias! I’m just not 100% sure if I would be craving a cringe and a pucker so early in my day…that’s usually reserved for my morning commute. None the less, I will be trying this new cereal. For science.

The kid-shaped cereal pieces are flavored with “a sour coating and a sweet finish,” according to the brand. No first hand accounts have been reported on just how tart the cereal is or how sour the milk is after the cereal has been eaten.

Sour Patch Kids cereal is expected to hit shelves in Walmart on December 26th before rolling out to other major retailers in 2019. Will you be trying it?

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