The overnight viral sensation, “Fiji Water Girl,” walked her way down the red carpet of the Golden Globes and right onto the set of one of the most iconic soap opera’s in history.

With all of the glitz and glam surrounding the 2019 Golden Globe Awards I am sure no one expected a gussied up waitress to be the buzz on everyone’s lips the next morning, yet the photobombing “Fiji Water Girl” seemed to be all anyone could talk about. Well the “Fiji Water Girl” aka Kelleth Cubert aka my hero is using her instant fame to catapult herself into her next project which just so happens to be a beloved soap opera. Cuthbert will appear in at least one episode (although Deadline hints at more) of The Bold and The Beautiful. There aren’t many details surrounding Cuthbert’s character but we know that she is definitely not just holding a tray full of waters by craft services. CBS has only announced that we can expect to see the thirst quenching thespian sometime in February. Cuthbert took to Instagram to share her excitement and of course is serving face in the photo.

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