We have a Code Grey! (Which basically means this will be a “Grey’s Anatomy Appreciation” post.)

Shonda Rhimes, the genius creator behind several hit television shows but most importantly our fav Grey’s Anatomy, tweeted this:



Once the residents (and attendings, interns, nurses, chiefs etc.) of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital hit their 331st episode in February, they will officially surpass ER in episode count making Grey’s the longest medical drama ever! Rightfully so of course. For 15 seasons Meredith Grey and the gang have kept fans on the edge of their seats with unprecedented twists and turns. DEREK SHEPHARD DIED YOU GUYS! I clearly still haven’t recovered. In any event, let’s review why fans have chosen to keep Grey’s on top.

The show reminds us that everyone gets a little lost sometimes. But that’s ok.

Luckily for us, Grey’s is a boundless source of wisdom.

We’ve learned that family isn’t always something you’re born into.

And no one is more important than your “person.”

Sure the medical procedures are cool. But singing while performing them is cooler.  LONG LIVE THE GREY’s MUSICAL EPISODE!

Tragedy happens…


And again…

OK there’s been a lot of tragedy but it’s how our doctors have rebuilt their lives that are most impressive.

Finally, no matter what happens…good or bad…hello or goodbye…dancing it out is always the right thing to do.

Grey’s Anatomy returns on January 17th at 8pm EST on ABC. Click below to see a sneak peek!

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