Sacha Baron Cohen

Movie Review: The Dictator

Mike Finkelstein believes in the oppression of the people of Wadiya. He is in full support of the supreme leader, Admiral General Aladeen. So when a documentary about the wonderful life of the supreme leader hit theaters in America, Mike made sure he was first in line, three weeks early. Now, while smelling like a homeless person due to living in a sleeping bag outside his local theater for three weeks, here is his review of “The Dictator”.

VIDEO: The Opening Scene of THE DICTATOR Hysterically Answers the Question, Who Is General Aladeen?

It seems like we haven't heard anything new from THE DICTATOR camp since Sacha Baron Cohen covered Ryan Seacrest with ashes on the Oscars red carpet. (Probably a mix of that moment and the onslaught of AVENGERS footage leading up to next Friday's release.) Well now, we finally have a glimpse at some new footage from the film, more specifically, the opening sequence that introduces the world to General Aladeen.

VIDEO: The First Look At Madagascar 3

Paramount and Dreamworks have released the trailer for Madagascar 3... which follows the story of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo - as they try to rescue the pengiuns from a Monte Carlo casino and join a traveling circus in an effort to get back home to New York.