World Record

VIDEO: Dogs Jumping Rope For World Record

FYI- People still try to break world records for things. Among them, dogs jumping rope. Here, a jaw dropping 13 dogs jump prope in Japan. Dog Trainer Uchida Geinousha is the proud trainer that says these dogs are not only willing, but happy to be part of something this inpsiring. (I'm paraphrasing.)

POP VIDEO: World Record For Blob Jumping Achieved! What? Just Watch.

Some adventurers in Cham, Switzerland, had a goal - set the Guinness World Record for the highest blob jump. Blob jump, you ask? It's a huge inflatable bubble used for being hurled into the sky - and plummeting into the water. They managed to achieve a height of 17 Metres (that's 55 feet!) That's more than five stories of terrifying hurling! Definitely tuck for the landing...