It seems like we’re going to have to wait just a bit longer to find out who Ted’s true love will be on “How I Met Your Mother”.

Deadline is reporting that the hit CBS show will officially be back for a ninth season next year.

It was assumed that with the growing popularity of its entire cast, “HIMYM” would be wrapping up its long and winding tale of Ted Mosby and the one at the end of the current season.  Fortunately for fans, a deal was reached on Friday afternoon after series star Jason Segel apparently changed his mind at the last second and agreed to a final one-season contract.

Alyson Hannigan, who plays Segel’s on-screen wife, Lily, tweeted about the cast’s return, posting a link to the story and writing, “I’m happy the world(s) didn’t end.”

So are we, Alyson…so are we.  Here’s to hoping that the final ninth season will be

Legen—Wait For It—Because It’s The Final Season And Final Glimpse Of Characters We All Know And Love, And If It Jumps The Shark We Will All Be Really Really Really Pissed Even More Than A Cow Having All Its Milk Pumped For Some Supermarket’s Section Of—Dary!

Yeah…that just happened.