COOL VIDEO: 56 Year Old Man Sits Down For Interview With His 18 Year Old Self

When Peter "Stoney" Emshwiller was 18, he was clever enough to film half of an interview that he planned to have with his older self someday. Now, at 56, Peter sits down with his teen counterpoart, and answers some clever, tough, and insightful questions. This funny guy touches on some remarkable aspects of life, death, success, aging... even sex.

WHO KNEW?!? VIDEO: Man Calls Dolphins By Clicking His Comb

What an amazing video! You know how when you flick your finger along a comb it makes a high pitched clicking noise? And you know how dolphins make a high pitched clicking noise? This guy at Sea World used a comb against the glass of the tank, and the dolphins came right over!

COOL VIDEO: The Amazing Effects Of Lighting

Stella Stocker is a beautiful woman with a striking face. But in this fascinating, almost trippy visual journey, Director and designer Nacho Guzman rotates light in various colors around her face from different angles. Sometimes she literally looks like a totally different person! Watch this video and see!

POP Coolness: POP Up Concrete Tent Will Change The Way We React To Emergencies

Here's how it works - a folded up canvas tent arrives infused with concrete mix, much like the way plaster casts begin as powdery gauze. Installers saturate the fabric and inflate the tent - and less than 24 hours later it is a solid structure that can keep people safe from the elements and other hazards. The invention will help communities afflicted by natural disasters with added emergency storage, and in some cases, shelter.