TikTok Parody: When Mismatched Roommates Collide

Who among us hasn’t had a roommate that wasn’t, er…. a tad incompatible? In this tiktok parody stitch, we meet the incredibly tidy @Mackenziewc, who possesses levels of neatness that I can only aspire to. (And what a gorgeous apartment!) And while I prefer to NOT eat in bed, particularly salty snacks, I couldn’t resist creating a scenario where I’m a neatnik’s worst nightmare!

@brianbalthazar #remix with @mackenziewc …. What happens when you find your roommate on the internet?!? It works out great!!! …. Sometimes. In full disclosure I hate messy foods in bed but I couldn’t resist creating this nightmare scenario! . . .#ocd#ocdg#organizationd#beddingw#howtomakeabeda#neatm#comedyr#parodytire ♬ Ylang Ylang – FKJ & ((( O )))

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