Prankster Steve-O Has Duct Taped Himself To An LA Billboard To Promote New Show

Jackass or genius?

Infamous prankster and Jackass star Stephen Gilchrist Glover aka Steve-O has duct taped himself to a billboard in Los Angeles to promote his new comedy web series Gnarly. When you’ve made a living out of insane stunts and death defying acts, I suppose a standard billboard with a photo of yourself just simply won’t do.

The 46-year old took to Instagram to share a selfie from his elevated position to reassure fans that he was secured by professionals and is totally safe. He wrote “I’m attached to a billboard right now and want to emphasize that a team of real professionals rigged everything safely. There is zero chance of me falling, and it’s important to me that we not waste any valuable city resources on this. I’m happy to just hang out, and really want the world to know about this project I worked so hard on. It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at! Thanks!”

Obviously the stunt quickly garnered media attention and despite being installed safely, the Los Angeles Fire Department was swiftly notified. The LAFD quickly arrived to the scene of the billboard stunt, which just so happens to stand near a busy highway, extended a ladder to the clown college graduate and brought him down to safety.

Well now I want to see what other crazy antic he gets into…I guess the publicity stunt worked!

To stream his  new web series, Gnarly, click here!

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