Heather Morris Performs A Beautiful Dance To Naya Rivera’s Music As A Tribute To Co-Star

Always an iconic duo.

Glee‘s Heather Morris shared a video on social media last night continuing to honor the late Naya Rivera. In the video, Morris performs a number of dances soundtracked by Rivera’s song “Radio Silence.” Morris and Rivera starred as romantic interests together in the popular musical comedy as Brittany S. Pierce and Santana Lopez respectively. Morris captioned the post by saying “I want to share something very personal with you all … Grieving looks very differently on everyone. But one things for certain: I’ve felt it’s hard to feel joy or keep busy when mourning without thinking that you’re not honoring that person or you’re forgetting about them.” She also acknowledged a bittersweet moment of reaching 1 million followers on Instagram by saying “I made it to 1M followers in these last few weeks and at first I was resentful because I gained them from a tragedy, but after giving it a breath … I realized you all have just surrounded me with love and support…So I’m celebrating 1Million today in a tribute to @nayarivera with her music and her voice that will forever be my favorite.”


Sadly, Rivera died earlier this month after drowning in a lake in Southern California. According to authorities, the mom of one used up all her strength getting her son back into the boat and ultimately could not do the same for herself. Her body was found after several days of exhaustive searching.

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