A Botched Painting Restoration Has Gone Viral But The Internet Reactions Are The True Masterpieces

A restoration so botched not even Drs. Terry Dubrow and  Paul Nastiff could save it.

Art is interpretive…which is why it is so impressive that everyone has unanimously interpreted the restoration of “The Immaculate Conception” as being just awful.

An art collector in Valencia, Spain paid €1,200 to a furniture restorer to have his copy of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s famous painting cleaned. Something went wrong with the cleaning and the painting left the Virgin Mary’s face unrecognizable. As if poor Mary hadn’t already suffered enough, the two attempts to restore the painting left the masterpiece looking like something found at a second grade art fair.

Credit: The Guardian

Images of the botched restorations traveled faster than a rampaging bull in Pamplona which led the Royal Academy of Arts to post this tweet:

And obviously the responses have been hilarious.

A shocking take.


Good art is hard to lego of.



Self restoration is key.


And this troll.

And this painfully accurate observation.

The incident has sparked a further discussion about the importance of restoration with some believing laws should be put into place to protect these valuable works of art. I totally agree but until then let’s just enjoy the inevitable, valuable memes that will come from this.

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