‘Cereal Box Hack’ Proves That We Have Been Closing Cereal Boxes Wrong All This Time

We have all been suffering from this serial cereal box issue.

You know what really grinds my gears? When I open up a box of cereal and accidentally tear the flap ever so slightly, making it nearly impossible for the box to ever close properly again. So each and every morning after I’ve had my bowl (ok…2, 3 or 4 bowls) of cereal, I am left wrestling with some colorful cardboard, trying every which way to keep the contents of Pandora’s cereal box from going stale. After nearly three decades of this breakfast battle it’s with great pleasure that I share a cereal box closing hack that has swept social media and changed my mornings forever!

The hack is actually pretty simple and totally reimagines the shape of a cereal box. First, you fold the side flaps inside then do the same with the back flap. Then fold the box in from the sides. Finally, fold the front flap in such a way that is connects to the back flap. Ok, it sounds tricky when written out but it’s much easier when you see how it’s done!

The hack has taken over social media with hundreds of users sharing their results.

One user wrote “I tried the cereal box life hack and I was so proud when it worked.” Another said “bro that cereal box hack blew my mind.” And someone who completely understands my pain wrote “21 years on this planet and just discovered you can close cereal boxes after opening them.” Mind bowl-n.

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