COOL VIDEO: Super Thin, Flexible Monitors Will Change Phones And Magazines Someday

Remember those amazing scenes from the film Minority Report that showed 'e-newspapers?' They were paper thin like today's newspapers, but the images changed and moved like a TV monitor. Well, we keep getting one step closer. This video shows how close we are.... watch these paper thin Samsung monitors bend and move. It won't be long now! Now where's my flying car!?!?

VIDEO: iPhone’s “Siri” VS “Furby”

Keep in mind that 20 years ago if you said "iPhone's Siri VS Furby" no one would have known what the hell you were talking about. In this new viral video, talking toy Furby has a 'conversation' with the iPhone's voice recognition employing assistant Siri. At one point, the phone interprets something Furby says as "Kill her."