POWERFUL VIDEO: Sketch Artist Blindly Draws Women As They Describe Themselves, Then As Others Describe Them, Reveals Moving Results.

Women commonly see themselves as less beautiful than others see them. In this social experiment, a forensic artist shows the women side-by-side sketches of how they described themselves - as well as how other people described them. The results are both dramatic and moving. You've got to watch this!

LOL: KMart’s “Ship Your Pants” Ad Is SO Out There Your Jaw Will Drop.

Don't drink anything while watching this commercial. It may come out your nose. You won't believe the bizarre ad campaign that KMart has launched, an allusion to people... well... doing something in their pants. Now ask yourself - when was the last time ANYONE was talking about KMart being edgy and funny? Mission accomplished, advertisers!

TOO HOT FOR TV?The Uncensored Version of The GoDaddy Ad Featuring Supermodel Bar Refaeli Kissing A “Nerd”

Given the things that manage to make it onto your average episode of Two And A Half Men, it'[s hard to believe CBS would shy away from anything racy - but apparently, this uncensored version of the spot features a lot more tongue than they were comfortable with. And with that - a warning - there's a LOT of tongue.

CLEVER AND SEXY: Kate Upton Washes Mercedes Benz In Slow Motion For Super Bowl Ad

The folks at Mercedes Benz get it- Kate Upton turns guys' heads. So why WOULDN'T they have her wash one of their cars - in slow motion - in a Super Bowl Ad? And yet... they're in on the joke. (She barely touches the car, and she's pretty covered up by 'car wash video' standards.) Will guys be laughing - or disappointed?