POWERFUL VIDEO: Sketch Artist Blindly Draws Women As They Describe Themselves, Then As Others Describe Them, Reveals Moving Results.

Women commonly see themselves as less beautiful than others see them. In this social experiment, a forensic artist shows the women side-by-side sketches of how they described themselves - as well as how other people described them. The results are both dramatic and moving. You've got to watch this!

POP INTERVIEW: Joey Healy Brings Eyebrows Back

Eyebrows go in and out of style like fad diets. Thin, thick, humungous, natural, invisible, bleached, blackened, etc. A fashion conscious man or hipster chick can go nuts trying to fit in. Joey Healy makes house calls for eyebrow emergencies, has his own eyebrow care line, frequently works on magazine editorial shoots and may very well be the only male threat to eyebrow queen Anastasia's empire.

VIDEO: Marissa Jaret Winokur Lost More Than 60 Pounds

Marissa Jaret Winokur has shed more than 60 pounds! Here she talks to The Insider's Brooke Anderson - revealing a new outlook - and a very high metablism. The lady can talk a mile a minute! Now she's running and walking and jogging and playing tennis at the same pace!

Christopher Nolan’s Sentimental Goodbye To Batman

As Chistopher Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT saga comes to an end, many have attempted to pay tribute to the director’s amazing work. But with arguably the greatest superhero trilogy under his belt, there is only one man who could really do tribute to Nolan’s films: Nolan, himself.