VIDEO: Tina Fey Is Dead Serious, Still Lovable In Garnier Hair Color Commercial

As a lover of all things Tina Fey, I was surprised to see her turn in a new Garnier Fructis commercial with not so much as a lighthearted joke at her own expense.

As a lover of all things Tina Fey, I was surprised to see her turn in a new Garnier Fructis commercial with not so much as a lighthearted joke at her own expense.

As a self confessed, biased Tina Fey fan, (not only is she hysterical, she’s a fellow Pennsylvania native, and she was very nice to me when I worked with her on a segment for NBC) I still marvel that Garnier didn’t seize the opportunity to allow Tina to add her own self deprecating sarcasm to the ad… after all – this is usually the kind of thing that Fey would make fun of (read Bossypants! or better yet – listen to the Audiobook) and you’ll see what I mean!)

In the end Fey comes out wearing a very Sarah Jessica Parker-esque skirt – which would have been a great nod since SJP is a former spokewoman… but despite her straightforward delivery, she still manages to endear. Beautiful,  yes, but also in a ‘real people can wind up on top too’ kind of way.

The full spot isn’t on youtube with good resoluation yet – so I bring you think ‘shot of the TV’ version that someone else decided to do. (I’m always wondering who takes the time to shoot video off the TV for youtube, and why…I may never know the answer!) Below that, a little behind the scenes action.

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