WATCH: POP Goes The Week visits Kathie Lee And Hoda!

Thanks as always to the wonderful team at Today for inviting me back to the fourth hour of the Today Show! Today I sat down with KLG and Hoda to talk about Leah Remini's lucrative book deal, Russell Brand, Simon Cowell, Lindsay Lohan, and ... my new *(and probably temporary) beard!

VIRAL @#$@#$ VIDEO: Comic Greg Benson’s Irreverent Vacation Cruise Videos

Comedian Greg Benson is an irreverent, foul mouthed, but also kind guy who's going viral with his unorthodox videos from his cruise vacation. His profanity ridden (its bleeped) tour of the ship is probably the most unlikely publicity this cruise ship has ever gotten. Then, he interviews Harold, an 81 year old karaoke singer who sounds like he's going to cough something up during his performance.

SAY IT ISN’T SO: CBS To Reboot ‘The Brady Bunch.’

It's hard to imagine rebooting the iconic series without botching it - but CBS is bringing back The Brady Bunch - this time focusing on a divorced Bobbt Brady remarrying to form a new blended family. Vince Vaughn will executive produce. What's next, NBC rebooting The Munsters? Oh wait, that's actually happening too.