‘Static Shock’ Co-Creator Reacts To Racism Episode Going Viral For Still Being Relevant

The news came as a shock.

One of the greatest animated series of the early 2000’s was undoubtedly Static Shock. The show followed a teenaged Virgil Hawkins as he became an electromagnetic superhero after being exposed to mutagen gas after a gang fight. What made the show so impressive was its ability to combine action-packed storytelling with unfiltered truths about social injustice. Recently, a clip from the season 1 episode “Sons Of Fathers” has gone viral because its subject matter is unfortunately still relevant nearly 20 years later. In the clip, Virgil is having dinner with his best friend, Richie, and his parents when Richie’s dad spews out some micro-aggressions towards rap music. Then, Richie’s dad racism becomes blatantly clear during a heated conversation with his wife where he shares his outrage in having “one of them” in his house.

The show’s co-creator, Denys Cowan, took to Twitter to express his amazement in Static going viral. The clip has been viewed nearly 900k times with fans applauding the show’s courage to shed light on societal issues. Cowan wrote “I had no idea people felt this way.. amazing. A bright spot in a crazy world right now.”

During it’s four seasons the show tackled a bunch of poignant topics including gun violence, bullying and diversity. Static Shock is now available for streaming on DC Universe.

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