SAY IT ISN’T SO: CBS To Reboot ‘The Brady Bunch.’

It's hard to imagine rebooting the iconic series without botching it - but CBS is bringing back The Brady Bunch - this time focusing on a divorced Bobbt Brady remarrying to form a new blended family. Vince Vaughn will executive produce. What's next, NBC rebooting The Munsters? Oh wait, that's actually happening too.

Ashley Judd Says Steroids Caused Puffy Face

Ashley Judd had the rumor mill running overtime when she appeared on a Canadian talk show with a newly puffy face... sparking chatter about plastic surgery and facial fillers.Now Judd,is saying it's not the knife, or the syringe that caused the bloated look... it's steroid medication.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Julia Louis Dreyfus Looks Funny & Fantastic in HBO’s Political Satire “VEEP”

Imagine Julia Louis-Dreyfus an irreverent, somewhat half-witted, sometimes bitchy yet somehow still charming Vice President who's one heartbeat (literally, in that the President is having chest pains) away from the Oval Office. That's the apparent premise behind HBO's upcoming series VEEP. Check out the preview, then get ready for the Sarah Palin comparisons.

VIDEO: “DALLAS” Returns As A New Series On TNT.

Dallas, the hit series that debuted on CBS in 1978 and ran 14 seasons is back... For real this time. While the flick was initially entertained as a possible project for the silver screen starring John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez, it is now headed to TNT next summer, with several of the original cast... including Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

MTV Pulls SKINS Off The Air!

Even though the British version of the series is an enormous hit, MTV is stripping their US version of its racy series “Skins” from the network's lineup.