There Is A New Reality Show Where 15 Men Compete For A Chance To Impregnate One Lucky Woman

An unrivaled “mother of all reality shows.”

We’ve seen contestants compete for love, money and fame on reality television but never a baby. We are truly living in unprecedented times.

The newest reality show making waves is called Labor Of Love, which premiered on Fox last night, as it follows a 41-year old divorcee on her quest to get knocked up. Kristy is recently single and tired of navigating through the dating world to find the man she would like to procreate with, so when all else failed she turned to reality tv. I guess Craigslist has grown too cliché? With her eggs frozen and a fertility doctor on standby, Kristy now has to choose between 15 lucky(?) hopefuls as they all vie for a chance to put their bun in her magic oven. According to the show’s trailer these hunky men “are ready to skip the dating and go straight to baby making”…which just sounds like the Tinder of reality television to me.

The new show is being produced and hosted by Kristin Davis of Sex and the City fame and the irony isn’t lost here when you remember just how badly Charolette wanted a husband and kids. Davis helps Kristy on her journey by hosting a series of challenges for the competitors which, according to the trailer, will be filled with things like contraction stimulators and costumed black bears. This show is really striving for the “most outrageous” superlative. On last night’s episode the men were given a hand’s on challenge as they each had to hop into a port-a-potty and deposit their…uh specimen…into a cup. Then, on national television, their results were measured and ranked according to fertility. I guess we can call it “must seed” tv.

With all the things we’ve seen on reality television over the years Labor Of Love isn’t the most preposterous thing to emblazon our screens but it’s definitely high on the list. You can catch the show every Thursday night on Fox and for a tease of what’s to come this season, check out the trailer below!

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