Blake Shelton Recalls Miranda Walking Down the Aisle; Peeing With Paparazzi Overhead

They are the it-couple of music, but that doesn’t mean Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s May 14 wedding didn’t have its fair share of crazy moments.

In an interview with The Boot, Shelton recalled how beautiful Miranda looked walking down the aisle toward him, and how a bit of feedback hilariously destroyed the perfect moment:

“Probably the best moment, the coolest moment of the wedding was when Miranda came down the aisle…She was with her dad and they stopped right in front of us. Ashley Monroe was playing a song — she played the song that Miranda walked down the aisle on. She stopped right there and we just had a moment where we were looking at each other, and it was starting to get me. I looked over at Rick, and he cries a lot anyway, so he was starting to cry. And then all of a sudden you could hear a little bit of feedback, and Miranda began to kind of under her breath to Ashley, ‘Did you turn the guitar off? Turn the guitar off. Turn it off!’ It killed the whole moment with the feedback.”

Obviously, with such a high profile couple, there’s got to be some paparazzi involved.  The couple and security did a pretty good job in keeping photographers out, but one incident involving a helicopter and a bathroom break had Shelton’s jaw on the floor:

“There was a couple of odd things and great things. The first thing for me was, and I realized things were changing at this moment, for not just me but Miranda and people were interested in us in a big way…They had gotten everybody into the chapel and they were seated and there was a little bit of music playing before I was supposed to step in and the wedding was going to start. I was standing out there talking to the pastor, and I had to pee…So I, as I was talking to him, I just walked over to the building, and we were talking and I was peeing, and a helicopter flew by really low. I remember saying, ‘You don’t think that’s … no …” And sure enough a Texas ranger came around and said, ‘Hey man, there’s a problem,’ so I just knew the world would know just how nervous I was that day. I didn’t know what kind of picture they may have gotten of me!”

The paparazzi may be a little crazy, but the love of the fans makes up for all of it.  Shelton says that the couple is still getting gifts from fans to celebrate:

“It’s amazing how many wedding gifts I’m still getting from fans and meet and greets…And nice stuff too. It blows me away. I told Miranda, ‘Tell people to send flowers to something or donate money to something.’ People want to celebrate it with you. It’s fun for them. I haven’t gotten anything weird. Just really nice gifts. Dishes, picture frames, and stuff that you go, ‘Dang it. I can’t believe they’re doing that.’ It’s a pretty good feeling.”

Blake’s latest CD, ‘Red River Blue,’ hits stores Tuesday, July 12.  He can also be seen next season on NBC’s new smash show, “The Voice”.

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