You Can Now Purchase An Official Big Cat Rescue Mask From Carole Baskin

More like Carole Maskin’.

Are you a cool cat? More of a kitten? Either way, you can now jump on the Tiger King craze and purchase an OFFICIAL Big Cat Rescue mask for yourself. Carole Baskin and her big cat organization took to Facebook over the weekend to promote their newest bit of merchandise. Capitalizing on the pandemic-induced need for masks, the Netflix star boasts two different color options available for purchase. For just $11 (before tax and shipping) you can choose between a black or leopard print mask emblazoned with Carole’s favorite tag line, “Hey all you cool cats and kittens.” Truly a steal for anyone obsessed with the buzz worthy docu-series.

In case you’ve forgotten, Carole is the arch enemy to Joe Exotic as portrayed in the Netflix docu-series Tiger King. She’s been making headlines lately as the series has launched renewed interest in the “disappearance” of her second husband. After watching the series, fans began speculating that Carole’s ex-husband didn’t disappear, rather that she murdered him. Just this week, reports were made that the signature on her ex-husband’s last will and testament may have been forged. Because of all these allegations, the case of Carole’s missing husband has been officially reopened.

But all that’s neither here nor there because there are adorable, trendy masks for sale! If you would like to jump on the craze and snag a mask for yourself, check out the post below!

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