VIRAL: Cat Takes Its Kitten Back From Toddler

Maternal instinct is stronger than any stubborn toddler. Watch as this little Russian girl insists on holding a kitten, only to have mama cat make her opinions known. No one gets hurt. (Although the person videotaping this could use a smack for letting this happen in the first place.)

AWWW VIDEO: Kitten Meets Hedgehog

This cute kitten and adorable hedgehog have teamed up to become a viral sensation together. (Because cute animals always go viral.) They're meeting for the first time.

POP GOES WILD: Cat Meets Deer

Even though there is no dramatic finale to this group of deer discovering a cat (and the cat's discovery of THEM), it's alwasy fun to see the intrigue and trepidation of both. The folks who uploaded added some soft Bjork music to enhance the mood.