This Cat Eats Like It’s A Hungry Hungry Hippo And We Can All Relate

I feel seen.

Over these past few months of quarantine I think we can all admit to indulging a bit too much when it came to snacking. I mean there were times when the box of Arm and Hammer baking soda in my fridge looked appetizing. So when a video of a cat gorging on some kibble like a hungry hungry hippo was shared on social media over the weekend, the internet couldn’t help but to relate.

The video of the kibbling kitty was shared on Saturday and within 24-hours garnered over 3-million views. Luke, the public defender and cat’s owner, regularly shares videos and photos of his cat but none have ever earned this much attention. Comments on the video are flooded with people finding this to be hilariously cute and relatable, with some even sharing videos of their cats eating in similar ways. One user wrote “Used to have a kitten that did that, earned him the nickname ‘Shovelmouth.'” Weird, that’s what my pediatrician used to call me.

Check out the video of the hungry kitty below!

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