Chris Brown Tweets Rihanna Something Sexy? You Decide!

Rihanna and Chris Brown may have a bit of explaining to do after a twitter message that raised eyebrows this weekend.

Over the weekend, Brown  send over a tweet to his ex, saying “You got that pic I sent you?”.  Literally, within seconds, the post was gone. (Meant for Direct Message via Twitter…?)

Fans up were in arms last month when it was reported that Rihanna was following Brown on Twitter.  After Rihanna responded to the controversy with, “Its f***in twitter, not the alter! calm down,” there have been no other public interactions between the two of them.

In February, Rihanna had a judge lift the restraining order on Brown that resulted from his 2009 assault on her following a pre-Grammy party.

So what do you think Brown’s picture could have been?  Something innocent?  The two have both had nude photos of them leaked on the internet in the past…something dirty?  You tell us!

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