Britney Spears Getting Engaged?

Britney Spears could be popped the big question tonight... why maybe? And why do we already know? Here's why...

Britney Spears could be popped the big question tonight… why maybe? And why do we already know? Here’s why…

Because of Britney’s prior ‘issues’ she can’t just up and get married. Turns out she is under the watch of a conservatorship which needs to approve any legal unions. TMZ reports that judges will need to approve the proposal from her boyfriend (and her former agent) Jason Trawick. Given that she’s had a fairly uneventful year in the drama department (as well as some career successes) she’s likely to get the go ahead, and Trawick will officially propose tonight in Las Vegas.

Trawick reportedly got Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears‘ blessing before going ahead with the plan.

Trawick and Spears initially came out about dating each other back in May 2010. She was previously married (for 55 hours) to school friend Jason Alexander back in 2004, and then to Kevin Federline – which came before a series of emotional problems which led her rehab several times in 2007 and 2008.

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