Idina Menzel And Megan Hilty Sing ‘For Good’ For The Class Of 2020 And It’s Obviously Super Good

Safe to say 2020 has changed pretty much everything for good…

Remember when an acne flare up was the biggest concern of your senior year? Unfortunately the class of 2020 didn’t have the luxury of such a menial fear but instead had to worry about an unprecedented pandemic sweeping the globe and figuring out a way to virtually finish their final days of the school year. Well, when the world is spiraling out of control there is always one thing that I turn to for comfort, a green witch and her snarky blond counterpart. Maybe that’s too specific. But I think we can all agree that watching Idina Menzel and Megan Hilty sing “For Good” from the hit Broadway musical Wicked has enough power to make anyone feel magically better.

In a post on social media Hilty, who played Glinda the Good Witch from 2005-2006, shared the performance which begins with a message that reads

“To the class of 2020; Over the last few years you have made friends and memories that have changed you for the better. We now hope you go out there and change the world for good. This is for you.”

This song choice is poignant for the graduates who may not have even had the chance to say goodbye to their fellow classmates before parting ways in different directions. In the musical Glinda and Elphaba, the role Menzel originated, sing this duet when they finally realize that although they must continue on different paths, their friendship has left them changed for the better. And it gets me every time!

Check out the moving performance below, and congrats to the graduates who made it through such a difficult senior year!

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