Lizzo Responded To Ron Burgundy’s #FluteAndShoot With A Hilariously, Juicy Performance

Mirror, mirror on the wall don’t say it because we know she’s cute! If you didn’t catch that reference, what have you been listening to for the last three months?! Rapper, singer and songwriter Lizzo has been tearing up the game lately with the release of her two new singles “Juice” and “Cuz I Love You.” Along with Lizzo’s extraordinary singing and rapping abilities, she is also a talented flautist. Bet you didn’t expect that plot twist did ya? She even displayed her fluting abilities on The Ellen Degeneres Show which left everyone breathless…a little wind-instrument humor for you.

Well, back in January Lizzo challenged Ron Burgundy…as in Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy…to a #FluteAndShoot. Not Will Ferrell, the actor who plays the beloved anchorman, but Ron Burgundy. So Ron Burgundy took to his social media and gave this valiant effort.


Lizzo responded in the most epic way possible with a fully produced music video parodying the famous Anchorman scene! In the video, Lizzo hangs out with Este Haim (from the band, Haim) and humbly accepts an invitation to perform. After telling the bassist to “twerk it bitch,” a hilarious and impressive performance begins. I think it’s safe to say Lizzo won this round.

Lizzo’s third studio album, Cuz I Love You, is expected to drop on April 19th. Click below to watch the entire performance!

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