Spanish Stud Serenades Shut-Ins And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

One Spanish pianist sure is making me want to break the social distancing guidelines…

Spain is on a lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning the entire country is forced to remain inside their homes with the exception of leaving to buy groceries or seek medical care. While that is truly awful, there is definitely a spicy silver lining to all of this and his name is Alberto Gestoso. Alberto is a Barcelona based pianist who has been spending the quarantine playing songs for his neighbors from his balcony. In one video,  you can hear cheers from the distance as Alberto takes his seat and begins to play the beautiful melodies that are surely brightening up the neighborhood. If you listen really closely you can hear me cheering from my apartment all the way in NYC…but not necessarily because I am a big pianist fan.

The internet has gone into a frenzy over the muscled musician because he is quite the looker. With a perfect beard and a chiseled body he could play the electric triangle and I am sure his neighbors would still flock to their balconies to listen. One of his followers simply commented “I’m in love with you” on his latest post while others are saying his physical beauty mirrors the beauty of his music.  For research purposes, I dove a little into his social media and found that he loves showing off that physical beauty just as much as he does his music talents…

The world is in crisis now but we all need a distraction. With that said, distract yourself with the sultry cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” posted below!


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