Will Ferrell

FUNNY: Will Ferrell Answers Phone When Journalist’s Mother Calls During Interview

As if we needed more examples of Will Ferrell being awesome! The hilarious actor was giving an interview when a phone started vibrating at the table, and the name popped up "MOM." That was all Will Ferrell needed to make himself the coolest guy in the room. The sweet (albeit one-sided) conversation has gone viral.

POP INTERVIEW: “Chuck” Actor Vik Sahay Has an “Awkward Sexual Adventure”

Canadian actor Vik Sahay's TV character, Lester Patel, was once confused for a lesbian. Making his move to notable film roles, his most recent being the victim of Steve Stifler's jokes in American Reunion, he stars in the Toronto Film Festival selection, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, which will premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this Friday.

Colin Quinn’s Comedic Jabs At Will Ferrell Turn Into A Series Of Bizarre Tweet Rants

It was the war that wasn't (or was it?) - a series of jabs against Will Ferrell, unleashed by fellow SNL alum Colin Quinn on Twitter went viral. Before you know it, the Hollywood Reporter was reporting the swipes, and people started wondering if maybe Quinn was seriously jealous. Then Quinn went into strange stream of rants about his career.

FUNNY VIDEO: Will Ferrell Receives Mark Twain Comedy Award. Will Ferrell Drops and Breaks Mark Twain Comedy Award.

Only Will Ferrell would think of this! In a funny acceptance of the prestigious Mark Twain Comedy Prize, Ferrell drops and broke the award. Of course, it's staged, as you'll see, but part of Ferrell's gift is that even the things you know he's doing on purpose still manage to be funny.