VIDEO: Ron Burgandy Announces ANCHORMAN 2 on Conan!

I'm in a glass case of emotion!

I’m in a glass case of emotion!

Early last year, Will Ferrell announced that a sequel to ANCHORMAN would be DOA, all because Paramount ran the numbers and it wasn’t “a good fit.”   Almost a year later, we have the announcement we’ve been waiting for.

Ferrell showed up at today’s taping of Conan in full Ron Burgundy costume to tell the world that a sequel for ANCHORMAN is coming!  An agreement was reached with Paramount, and the news team shall assemble again!

Granted, not many details were given on how and why, but to hell with it!  The clip itself is hysterical, if only for seeing Ron Burgandy playing flute again and making jokes about Conan’s need for a “page one rewrite”.

Check out the clip below.  The full episode of Conan airs tonight at 11pm.

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